OTEE 2023


(Organon Talent Encouragement Exam)
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    Terms & Conditions

    1. I hereby declare that the information furnished on both side is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    2. If any discrepancy in the information given overleaf or otherwise is found at any stage of my association with Organon, any action deemed fit by Organon including my expulsion from the institute may be taken against me. In such a case I or my father/mother/local guardian shall have no claim for any type of compensation/refund of fees.

    3. I understand that if I fail to complete/submit all remaining formalities/documents, if any, up to two days prior to the start of the classes, unless otherwise allowed in writing. I shall not be allowed to attend the classes till the needful is done, and in that case I or my father/mother/local guardian shall have no claim for refund of fees or any compensation, including in studies.

    4. I understand that if I leave the institute before completing the full course for any reason whatsoever, including transfer of father/mother/local guardian(s) ill health of myself or any other member of the family or my admission in any institute/course/engineering college etc., or my studentship is cancelled because of misconduct etc. I or my father/mother/local guardian shall have no claim for refund of fees.

    5. I am totally aware that the prize of OTEE will be given to me if I am found worthy of it as per the rules and regulations of OTEE-2022.

    6. I am totally aware that OTEE test is completely free of cost.

    7. In the event of any dispute regarding question paper answer key and the interpretation of clauses of enrolment form or any claim etc. arising out of taking the admission in Organon Classes, Aligarh, the matter shall be referred to the management of Organon Classes, Aligarh. The decision of the Organon Classes, Aligarh management shall be final & binding.

    8. I have read the above as well as the current Organon Brochure carefully and have understood it clearly. I have also received a copy of the above and Organon Brochure for my future reference.

    9. I/we further declare that the above named student is taking admission in the Organon having considered everything material, on his own sweet will after giving due consideration to rigors of time, distance and studies ahead and with the permission of the father/mother/local guardian without any compulsion from any side.

    I have read all terms and condition and I completely agree with it.

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