How to crack AIIMS MBBS exam in one go with Organon Classes?

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How to crack AIIMS MBBS exam in one go with Organon Classes?

AIIMS is a famous institute known for providing quality medical education to deserving students. Every year innumerable students appear for the AIIMS exam in the hope of building a rewarding career in the medical field. Uncountable aspirants compete for a countable number of seats which makes the competition neck-to-neck. An Act of Parliament in 1956 established the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as an independent institute of national importance. Owing to this Act, AIIMS awards its own medical degrees and academic distinctions. As a result, the AIIMS MBBS entrance exam is one of the toughest exams held in the country. Therefore, every aspirant needs to work diligently to crack the exam. Here are a few tips to follow to crack the exam.

From the Basics

Having the basics of tips is equal to half the battle won. When the basics are clear, understanding difficult concepts becomes easy. You should build the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology on your tips to avoid facing problems in the exam. Basics are the foundation. If your foundation is not strong, how will you withstand the problems?

Make a Timetable

Prepare your timetable and divide it equally among all the subjects. This will help you prevent wasting time or devoting extra time to only one subject. Time table will help you spare some time for fun activities too which are necessary for preparations. Learn the art of effective time management because it will help you in the exam and your personal growth.

Practice Harder

Practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the more you are close to the winning line. Avail test series with a time-bound approach. Practice till you get it on your tips. Accuracy improves with continuous practice. Get out of your comfort zone and practice the questions you fear the most. It’s AIIMS, students! The exam does not leave room for you to commit mistakes. Practice harder.

Solve Previous Year’s Papers

Do you want to have a clear idea about the pattern of the exam? Sure, you do! Get the previous year’s test papers and start solving them. This will give you a simulation of what a real exam looks like. The previous year’s question papers help you understand the exam well and enable you to improve your problems.


Plan your preparation well and work towards your goal sincerely. Plant the seed of self-belief inside and focus on working hard. You will surely get the desired results. It is highly recommended that you get yourself enrolled in the best AIIMS coaching institute because a reputed coaching institute has the best level of guidance which helps aspirants to bag a rank as desired.